SERVICE INFORMATION – Choose our workshop to repair your construction or surveying instrument


Our features:

1., Quick repair : Your instrument can be ready even in 1-2 days, no need to change your schedule of work.

In case we negotiate in advance you can get back the repaired instrument in some hours.


2., Estimate before: We give you estimate free of charge about the necessary repair works.


3., Complete service: Repair,adjustment,maintenance, calibration of your instrument at the same place.


4., Wide range of repairs: We can repair all kinds of instrument used at construction industry and surveying,                                       from the optical levels trough lasers to GPS and Total Stations.


5., Warranty for repaired instruments: We provide 6 month guarantee for repairs.


6., Guaranted accuracy: Our service department has a valid ISO certificate we check the repaired instrument

using calibrated etalons and certify their accuracy.


7., We are easy to reach: Based on our experience we know which is the most fast and less expensive way

to deliver your instrument to us and send back to you. In case you want to visit us you can use M6

Motorway the quickest way to Pécs.


8., Reasonable delivery costs: You can send your instruments from the neighbouring countries only for

25 EUR , the delivery  cost in Hungary is from 1500 Ft .


9., High quality work based on 20 years experience: We have been working on this field for more than

20  years and we are able to repair all types and all brands of construction and surveying instruments.


Well-tried instruments + Quick service = Satisfied customers